How to Screenshot KDE


The latest emphasis of KDE (K Desktop Environment) has acquired on a few enhancements the working framework. Some of these progressions are great while most has influenced framework execution and general ease of use. In spite of the fact that the new KDE 4.3 is marvelous from numerous points of view, it has changed such a variety of things that its clients have been usual to in its past discharges. In the event that you experience issues in getting a screenshot of your most recent KDE desktop and couldn’t discover any answer, then this article will help you discover an answer on How to Screenshot.



Previously, just squeezing the Print Screen catch will work, and you have no issue in getting a screen shot. The KDE screen shot process is much similar to what Windows does. However, KDE 4.3 has changed that. A considerable measure of its clients were really amazed that when they hit Print Screen (just to gloat to their companions about the new OS) nothing happened. Some even went to checking the HELP program of KDE. There, they discovered that before hitting the Print Screen catch, they initially need to press and hold the Control (Ctrl) catch. For a few, it worked. For others, it didn’t. On the off chance that you are one of the individuals who can’t do a screenshot subsequent to doing what was specified, then you can introduce ksnapshot. On the off chance that you are not new to KDE then you realize that ksnapshot is an application that will take screen catches of your dynamic desktop from info strategies that can be characterized by the client.

In the event that you don’t have the ksnapshot on your PC, then you can do the accompanying:

Sort sudo pacman –S kdemod-kdegraphics-ksnapshot on the summon line. This will advise the PC to download ksnapshot. This is a 0.76 MB downloadable document and will require 15.12 MB of circle space for establishment. The ksnapshot is a really little application for KDE.

You will be demonstrated the download and establishment subtle elements. Likewise, you will be requested that whether continue with the establishment or not. In the event that you need to introduce the document then key in “y” if not, then “n”. This will introduce the program. Sit tight for the program to be downloaded before making any activity. For the Internet associations today, this download will simply take a few moments so be understanding. Likewise, the PC will consequently introduce it once the program has been downloaded so this takes another additional time.

Next, once the program has been effectively introduced, open it. Go to Application then Launcher Menu then Settings and after that System Settings. Go to the Input Actions segment and check the checkbox for Print Screen. This will effectively coordinate the Print Screen catch to the program. So now when you press the Print Screen catch, you simply need to glue the caught picture to any picture proofreader like GIMP.

In KDE 4.3, taking a screenshot is simple and is fundamentally the same as how Windows takes screenshots. This is just relevant when you as of now have the correct devices to carry out the occupation


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